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In 1996 was found separate division of Software in Dator3 Services. The division ensures development, implementation, operation and support of custom software applications, in full respect of infrastructure and ICT standards of customers. The Software division participated in the testing and development of certain software products such as testing of operating systems Windows for the Microsoft company, creating drivers for the company Autodesk, testing and modification of special adapters for HP printers for PCPI San Diego, development driver for Matrox video adapters firms and more.

In last years the division was focusing its activities primarily in the Internet and Intranet. Currently, the Software division covers the development of websites and applications over traditional desktop applications to demanding server-oriented systems. The division has experienced proactive software analysts and developers with high skilled, technical and professional knowledge. Its services is used by more than 10 companies with a significant share of the Czech market (O2 Télefonica, Pražská Energetika, Metrostav Development, Sodexo Group and many more.

The Software division ensures:

  • analysis, expert consultation and suggestions regarding the development and implementation of software
  • analysis, consultation and implementation of software integration or connection to other systems
  • development, management and outsourcing websites including web integration (integration of large-scale software applications in an Internet environment)
  • development, management and outsourcing multilayer software applications
  • commercial software applications outsourcing
  • creative design, animation, classic DTP services
  • consultation and implementation of the security of information resources
  • project management in the development and implementation of software
  • authorized training and certification of users, including user training custom applications
  • HelpDesk, Software Rescue Service

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